12 Perfect Reactions to “You Wear Too Much Makeup

Too much makeup“, “I prefer a natural look“, “These girls are lying to us“. You can barely watch a Youtube beauty tutorial or scroll through an Instagram makeup feed without seeing these silly comments.


Different makeup techniques are going to be featured on a Beauty channel or Instagram makeup page, that’s THE POINT.  If you’ve got one of the members of the “you wear too much makeup” people in your life, do them a favour and share this with them!



Drake doesn’t care if I wear too much makeup 

Why do you think I care what you think?


Annalise Keating doesn't care if I wear too much makeup

Ain’t nobody got time for this, Bye!



And a cozy lazyboy while you are at it, armchair critic



"Too much makeup" Nobody cares

This is really intriguing, I really want to hear your opinion on how I should live my life


Toomuchmakeup? I dont have gold eyelids

You can’t control me.


Stop the games and be honest, you just want me to teach you how I get this eyeliner on fleek!



I ain't got no type

Is it your money?


I’m a boss ass bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch


I dont care

Have you experienced the joys drawing a perfect winged eyeliner? Didn’t think so


Why are you so pressed? Is it your face? Leave me and my clogged pores in peace. Thanks


I would love to stay and chat but I these Sephora VIB points are not going to use themselves