Submission Guidelines

Makeup for Melanin Girls Submission Guidelines                                         

Contributors on our site write about beauty trends, swatches and dupes specifically for women of colour. The only requirement for submissions is:  Be creative!      

These submission categories will help you channel your creative ideas:

  • Entrepreneurial – How to start your own Youtube channel, Growing your social media page etc.
  • Humorous – funny take on liking makeup or being a beauty guru
  • Inspirational – Melanin beauty gurus and makeup artists that are successfully growing their presence in the industry.
  • Product Reviews
  • Swatches of products on Melanin Skin
  • Dupes of popular products
  • Makeup news- latest trends and products
  • Celebrity beauty and style
  • Contribution to our Ultimate Product Guide Compilation-Best highlighters, Best foundation for dry skin, best drugstore foundation etc.

Articles can be in video format, a compilation of gifs or list of products. For beauty bloggers interested in promoting their channel or content please note that your submission does have to fit in with the submission guidelines listed above. Written articles should be no more than 1000 words (With the average attention span nowadays, short & sweet is the way to go!) and should be created for the Makeup for Melanin Girls audience.

Contributors are expected to submit at least one article per month (Life happens though, just let us know!). If we like your pitch idea, we will invite you to the writing team! When published, you will have your author name and social media account information for all your friends & family to see. For upcoming beauty bloggers and youtubers,  its a great way to spread the word about your work!

Submission Guidelines                                                                                                                                           

All pitches and story ideas must be submitted to . A story pitch is an overview of what your article will be about, what value you think it will have for readers and why you selected the topic.

For inspiration and ideas of the type of articles we are looking for, browse the Melanin home page for inspiration. We want you to be creative with your submissions, they do not have to be traditional “articles” at all. They can have infographics, be lists, a compilation of gifs, compilation of tweets. Just send your idea over and we will let you know if it will be a good fit!

Please wait for the pitch approval notification before you start writing an article or working on a project. 

We don’t want you stressing out about an idea that may not fit with our aesthetic. Thank you so much for seeing this website as something you would like to be a part of!           

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