Makeup Must-Haves for Beginners

Eager to start your beating your face for the gawwds but don’t know where to start? This list of 13 must-have goodies for makeup beginners just starting out will help in your journey to face beat realness!

1. Beauty Blender

The beauty blender may cost $20 but you get more bang for your buck with this one. You can complete so much of your face with this one little sponge. Apply concealer, foundation, blend a cream contour, apply your setting powder, cream blush and so much more. It comes in a regular and mini size which is great for getting in those small crevices. You can save money on buying brushes that you haven’t quite figured out yet. Just simply cleanse and allow to dry and it’s ready again. Great choice for newbies!

2. Concealer


NARS Radiant Glow

MAC Pro long wear  concealer and NARS Radiant Glow are two absolutely amazing concealers. The MAC Pro long wear concealer is  liquid but dries matte and lasts for 15 HOURS! Not just that but it’s also full coverage. One small pump will cover your entire face & you may not even need to add any foundation at all. Covers the most stubborn breakouts & still looks natural. Retails at $21 but if used properly and not wasted, your concealer will last you a few months. A little goes a LONG way.

 $ave Money with this Dupe : L.A Girl Pro Conceal

3. Angled Brush

Talk about dual purpose. The precision of this brush will make it so easy for you to fill in your brows using shadow, brow powder, or any cream based brow product. It will also help you create that perfect winged liner. Due to the slanted shape of this brush, you can learn to make clean sharp lines easily & cut down on the amount of brushes you’ll need. Start out with a cheap angled brush by ELF that you can pick up at your local target for $3 or less. Practice makes perfect.

4. BB Cream

Bb cream
BB’s creams are great for beginners who may be trying to avoid the look of “wearing makeup.” BB Cream is designed to even out skin tone and hydrate the skin; leaving you with a luminous, effortless glow that screams natural beauty. Be mindful of which one you choose to use. If you happen to have a deeper melanin rich skin tone, stray away from bb creams with high SPF’s. The higher the SPF, the more of a grayish tone it’ll leave on your skin, giving a dull look. Use a brand with little to no SPF for a better result.

5. ELF Brushes:
Elf brush

Building your brush collection can get pricey quick; and why spend so much money when you’re still trying to figure out HOW to even use them. Word of advice… DON’T! Without proper care, you’ll just ruin the brushes and will end up spending even MORE money. ELF is an inexpensive brand that is great for beginners. The most expensive brush I’ve ever seen from ELF was $8. Some are even just $1. Go to target and pick out some brushes to get you going. They’ll last you more than a few months until you can get the hang of techniques and brush care. After that, slowly start building your collection of those more expensive brushes you’ve been dying for.

6. Smolder Eye Kohl (Liner)

Kohl Liner

At first, it’s annoying to put liner on your waterline. Especially when you’re tearing up, and don’t even think about trying the top! Smolder is a soft formula and it’s a pencil. It makes lining eyes so easy. Barely have to use any hand pressure for color pay off and just blink your eyes hard a couple of times and it transfers easily to your top waterline. Add a little to your lash line on your lid and smudge out with a brush for a subtle smokey eye look.

7. Fix+ Spray
MAC fix+ spray

Another one of my MAC favorites. You’ve probably heard people refer to Fix+ as a “setting spray” but on the contrary, it’s actually not. Fix+ is mostly water with some added vitamins and minerals to help with hydration before and/or after makeup is applied. It will help all you powder loving girls still be able to make a dewy finish. Just mist your face a few times after you apply your powder and watch how you go from a matte powder finish to a moisturized glow. Fix+ is also great for using with loose pigment eyeshadows or even pressed pigment shadows that are used wet or dry to give colors brighter effects. Buy a full-sized bottle for home, or a mini mist size to go.
8. Warm Brown Shadow
warm brown shadow

One warm brown shadow is necessary for every girl, regardless of skin tone. Warm Brown tones work perfect as a transition color for every eye look. Use it in the crease of your lid before building your color to help blend, or simply put it on in the crease area by itself to create dimension to your look without going dramatic.

9. Eye eyeshadow primer

Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer

Never wear eye makeup without a primer. Without a primer under your shadow, you will not be slaying all day. Eventually your skins natural oils will start to break through the masterpiece you created and crease lines will ruin your day. You can pick up a colorless eyeshadow primer by Urban decay for $10 or less. This little tube will last you FOREVER!

10. Voluminous Mascara
maybelline mascara

Big bold lashes are what’s trending everywhere. Long lashes will take your look to a whole new level. Grab a mascara that will create a lot of volume to make your eyes the prize. Maybelline has many to choose from that are cheap and quality. Pick them up at any drug store near you.

11. Highlighting & Setting Powder
Sacha Setting Powder

What’s that might you ask? A highlighting powder will be the love of your life after one use. Apply a small amount of this to the high point of your cheek bones, very tip of your nose, and any other small area on your face you want to bring attention to. It’ll give you a gorgeous glow in the light. Pick a tone that matches your skin tone. If you’re lighter, go with something cream-colored or pinkish. If your skin tone is warmer, go with something more bronze or gold. Less is more with a product like this. Check out brands like Sacha Cosmetics (MFMG Fave), Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laura Mercier, or ColourPop Cosmetics.

12. MAC’s Ruby Woo Lipstick

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby WooI got very specific with this one because it’s my favorite but really any classic red matte lipstick of your choice. Every girl has her favorite shade of a matte red lip to transform her day look into a night look immediately. Great thing about wearing a red lip, is that it stands out so much & it’s so romantic, you can ditch a smokey eye and rouge blush & slay effortlessly. Ruby Woo is just a really popular color if you need help on where to start looking.