Are we buying Jeffree Star’s Apology?

Anyone that actively follows the beauty influencer community knows that Jeffree Star is never one to shy away from controversy. Videos from his past showing him making his racist remarks about black women have been in circulation for some time but his most recent feud with popular beauty vlogger, Jackie Aina, has many in the beauty community in an uproar.

Series of videos showing Jeffree using the n-word & other slurs *NSFW*

With 1.4 million subscribers and counting, Jackie has consistently been vocal about the underrepresentation of dark skin tones in the beauty community. With videos like her unbiased review of the KKW Beauty Contour line  and The Worst Brands Ever for POC,  she uses her platform for both beauty tutorials and social commentary on how the beauty industry underserves people of color.

In response to an “anti-haul” video that Jackie posted in April, Jeffree called Jackie an “irrelevant rat” :



Although Jeffree is known to get pretty aggressive & petty in his Twitter feuds, the videos in circulation showing him say racial slurs and his threat last year to beat another black beauty blogger,  MakeupShayla got many denouncing his actions and his products.

He recently released a Youtube video apologizing for the comments but many including Jackie Aina, feel its long overdue and insincere:


In his apology, he doesn’t directly address the use of the n-word in the videos that surfaced, the impact of racism on others or how the beauty industry discrimination. Instead, he focuses a lot on himself saying

“I said really horrible vicious things back to people to hurt them, to harm them, to shock them. […] And that is not okay.”

While it is commendable for Jeffree to come forward, acknowledge his past, and apologize for his mistakes, many have questions about the apology video. Is this sincere? Does he get it?

What are your thoughts?