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It is estimated that African-American women spend over 7 million a year on beauty products, 80% more than any other racial group.

Why not have your brand be one of those beauty products?

With over 100,000+ beauty lovers supporting the platform,  Makeup for Melanin Girls  is a beauty blog & social media platform that can help you connect with an engaged audience and increase your visibility. You can see an overview of our audience reach here. 

Advertising Rates

  •  Social Media Blast :$29
    The social media blast package gives you access to our 100,000+ followers across Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.
    Please note that the Social Media Blast will be posted for 6-12 hours only. 24 hour posts incur additional costs.
  • SDCG Package: $60 
    The social media blast package  boosts your visibility and traffic but the Sales/Discount/Contest/Giveaway package is the best way to convert that traffic into customers.Giving Makeup for Melanin Girls followers an incentive to try out your brand e.g 10% off, Giveaway promotion etc will improve your conversion rates! Previous brands that have partnered with Makeup for Melanin Girls for blowout sales have had incredible traffic results.  You will also have access to the features of the social media blast package.
  • 360 Feature:  $100
    The 360 Feature, displays your product on all our social media platforms. Although social media platforms increase visibility and awareness of your brand, search engines are still the number one place people head to for finding information.With over 3.5 billion searches per day on Google, search engine optimization is critical for  the growth of your online business. Featuring your website on  Makeup for Melanin Girls  improves the search rankings and contributes to the SEO (search engine optimization)  of your brand and website.  This package includes the social media blast and SDCG package if requested.













How to send your content
For additional questions about the advertising packages, please send your questions to [email protected] The desired content you want shared should be sent to [email protected] as well.

How to Pay

All payments for advertising can be made here: